As a Verb: to dispose of something/somebody; particularly used in reference to a former mate
My gal was counter-productive to my goals, so I junked her and traded up to something far more
by Etch June 16, 2012
1) Garbage with a monetary value.

2) Object(s) with no practical utility.
Don't throw that away i might use it someday.

Are you kidding that is junk.
by spife713 March 08, 2009
reproductive parts of both males and females. It can include the external parts such as testicles or the inner parts such as a uterus.
1. Male example: "It's freakin' hot out, my junk is sweaty and sticking to my leg."

2. Female example: "Dude what's wrong? You look pale," first girl.
"I'm ragging and need some midol. My junk really fuckin' hurts," second girl says to the first.
by ChanLynn January 21, 2008
A word to replace 'chunk' or 'piece'.
A junk of wood, or a junk of ice.
by oldbitty December 21, 2011
Vicodin, Percoset, Oxycontin crushed up and snorted up the nose.
"Hey, you got any junk?" "You know what we need? SOME JUNK" "That guitarist was so fucked up on junk last night it looked like his prostate was about the size of a grapefruit"
by Michael T. Grace April 29, 2005
Junks (n): A word commonly used to express intense emotions. Such as love, rage, hatred, pain, etc.
JUNKS! I just got a D on my Precalc. Test.
by Zachary F. September 18, 2003
99.99% of player-attainable items and rewards in World of Warcraft. Players refer to them as junk or trash, or just trash loot.
Hey I see you got an epic there, any good?
- Nah, just more junk.
by SuperUltraSassyCat August 10, 2010

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