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1. rubbish, trash

2. penis
2. Penis, as demonstrated by SNL
1. Cut a hole in a box.
2. Put your junk in that box
3. Make her open the box
"and thats the way you do it! It's my dick in a box!"

The best christmas gift ever, many thanks to SNL

by Matt & Julia April 24, 2007
5 10
Female anatomy - Labia minora, clitoris, clitoris hood, esp. in a state of distention (enlarged, visible below or outside the labia majora).
Woah, check out the chick in this porno - her junk's all hangin' out!
by Mr. Spork June 06, 2005
12 17
What you use when you are busy having sex. See 'cock' or 'penis'.
Keller has a huge junk.
by mcrest sausage fest October 02, 2002
7 12
Spunk. To do a spunk.
"Oi Junky boy, I just done a Junk, now my fishtank is all covered in junk n' junk"
by Face-o June 24, 2009
2 8
Function: interjection
Exclaimed to display frustration, anger, or distress.

Roots: thought to be from "this is junk" or from male genitals. Originated in Rayne, Louisiana made popular by inhabitants.
"Hahaha, you just got owned"
by Hillary B. August 03, 2008
1 7
n. - ghetto slang refering to someone's car or car stereo system.
..that new Short Dog had my junk knockin' the gold outta nigga's grill...
by Andy Mack July 03, 2005
2 8
Comics, sqeaky cheese curds, everything collectible.
He had a big stash of Marvel junk.
by Mardi Leanna July 12, 2003
6 12