Female anatomy - Labia minora, clitoris, clitoris hood, esp. in a state of distention (enlarged, visible below or outside the labia majora).
Woah, check out the chick in this porno - her junk's all hangin' out!
by Mr. Spork June 06, 2005
What you use when you are busy having sex. See 'cock' or 'penis'.
Keller has a huge junk.
by mcrest sausage fest October 02, 2002
A word to replace 'chunk' or 'piece'.
A junk of wood, or a junk of ice.
by oldbitty December 21, 2011
Function: interjection
Exclaimed to display frustration, anger, or distress.

Roots: thought to be from "this is junk" or from male genitals. Originated in Rayne, Louisiana made popular by inhabitants.
"Hahaha, you just got owned"
by Hillary B. August 03, 2008
n. - ghetto slang refering to someone's car or car stereo system.
..that new Short Dog had my junk knockin' the gold outta nigga's grill...
by Andy Mack July 03, 2005
Comics, sqeaky cheese curds, everything collectible.
He had a big stash of Marvel junk.
by Mardi Leanna July 12, 2003
non insultive or derogatory term meaning it,that,this,these,those, stuff, thing.

"Guy didn't wanna say shit in front of the ignoramus so said junk instead, and that people asked about bass and treble in funk and all got silent."
by noixz January 14, 2009
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