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loving nickname
i love you my sweet little poopy head
by alisha September 18, 2003
A small, representative system having analogies to a larger system in constitution, configuration, or development
A boarding school is a microcosm in comparison to the real world. Although it may have the same characteristics, it is just a smaller version of it and not the real thing. See macrocosm and wobblotocrosm
by Alisha July 08, 2004
Tom Felton is a wonderful much admired actor. He is 16 and his birthday is in september. He was born the same year as me...1987. Which makes us the same age. He lives in England and has three older brothers. He has had much experience in acting, with roles in Harry Potter, The Borrowers, and Anna and the King. Oh and I must mention that he is really cute, totally hot, and drop-dead Beautiful. He is so cute that when I went to the premire of The Chamber of Secrets and saw him, I almost wet my knickers. I think he is beautiful and a great actor. I won't act like I am not in love with him...I love you Tom.
I wish Tom would at least go out on a date with me.
by Alisha January 07, 2004
Another term for ass. Like Butt with a fo' shizzel added to it.
Petey Pablo says "Do you want it in your Bizzel
by Alisha January 04, 2005
The entire world or the universe.
We live in a macrocosm opposed to living in our own world. See microcosm and wobblotocrosm
by Alisha July 08, 2004
One has "skills".When making rhymes or beats use to describe someone with mad talent.
I never realized DJ Baumbay was mad skillicious!
by Alisha January 04, 2005
Its havin somethin to do with being in your own world and it being really tripped out, but without the aid of drugs... kinda like when u space off looking at a light and when u come back to concioucness ur kinda light headed and there are spots and such everywhere... and everything kind wobbles around...
you know... it wobbles... its blotted...

see microcosm and macrocosm for a better picture
by Alisha July 09, 2004
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