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1. most cars that try to go for the fast and furious look, but fail badly by using 9.95 autozone parts.

2. aka the "package"
1. Dude's 95 Neon looks like fucking junk with all that cheap plastic draped all over it.

2. When my ex found out I was cheating on her, she blasted me in the junk with her high heel.
by Ricky Roma September 30, 2003
Jewish spunk. Semen created in the (typically smaller than average) ball sacks of Jewish males. Large quantities of junk can be found during the act of a synagake.
David drenched Lindsay in a gallon of Junk after their son's bar mitzvah.
by Craig in NYC July 13, 2011
99.99% of player-attainable items and rewards in World of Warcraft. Players refer to them as junk or trash, or just trash loot.
Hey I see you got an epic there, any good?
- Nah, just more junk.
by SuperUltraSassyCat August 10, 2010
Some people may replace this word for "shit" or "thing" It can also be in the plural form.
Singular: "Yo homie look at this junk!" person A

"Oh!!! that junk is nice!!!" person B

Plural: "He almost tripped over them junks." person C

"What junks? Those shoes?" person D

"Yes." person C
by Joethamm October 01, 2009
A mixture between Jazz and Funk/Punk.
Yo this a fusion Jazz and Funk It's called "Junk". < That's the way Fender said at the end of the movie Robots.
by Mikekal July 25, 2009
modern replacement for "awesome" or "rad" or even "sick" opposite of "uncool" or "Horrific".
Meaning: crazy, cool and insane.

1)Man, those wheels are Junk yo!
2)This stereo is junk!
3)That girl is pretty junk, huh?
4)That stunt was junk!
by Waco13 November 15, 2007
(adj) Used in replace of the words 'baller' or 'fly'.
The epitome of cool.
Describes things that are, in fact, cool.

(n) Also used in reference to cool places people things or ideas.
(adj) "It feels so junk to be on top."

(n) "Look at that junk. I wanna ride that."
by DJunks08 September 01, 2007