Heroin, Horse, Harry, Hammer, Smack.
"That 'smacky' can't get off tha junk."
by Diego September 05, 2003
Male Genitals ; Penis ; Soft Fleshy part when penis should be ; Man Trunk.
Check out my junk, my trunk my lovely manly bump!! CHeck it out!!!

Did u just touch my junk???
by DrewPJunk February 04, 2010
To deceive, beguile, dupe, or trick; marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune
Brian proudly exclaims "awwww junk!...you just got junked!!!" upon Mark's realization that the pack of cigarettes Brian just handed to him is empty.
by Randallius April 21, 2006
He's been hittin that junk, he's all fucked up
by Assmeister November 29, 2002
General genetalia area
I'm going to kick you in the junk
by Yogi B May 26, 2004
a males sexual organ (dick's and balls)
While we were at the movies Sarah played with my junk!!
by Cherokee27 October 05, 2013
That feeling when you don't want to do something but you think you should and you just don't know and you are confused about what you should do.
"Should I have a burger, or go with a salad? I'm in the junks."

"I'm feeling the junks, man! Should I G, T, or L?"

"My bro says his armpits smell good and I'm feeling the junks about whether or not to smell them."
by TheJunkMan August 02, 2012

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