J.P. stands for jewish princess. jewish princess refers to a jewish girl who is very spoiled by her parents, and gets mainly everything she wants.
"man, that girl is such a j.p. her dad gets her everything"
by amaziing person January 14, 2007
A high crime area in Hyannis, Massachusetts, named for General Patton Drive, the neighborhood well known to locals as an illicit drug haven. (This area is not known as GP, as JP likely stuck better as a nickname).
Hyannisport is lovely this time of year, but beware of the east end, especially JP.
by Joel1974 July 01, 2010
One who thee breaks or distress's of another being's ankle.
Man #1: (Kicks Man#2 in the ankle)
Man #1: Oh sorry.
by Dr.SwaqqPH.D June 30, 2010
Junior Partier pron. (joon-yer par'ti-er)

Noun. 1.One who can not party. 2. Person or persons that fall asleep easily, pass-out early, complain about anything and everything, whine and cry about trivial circumstances. Adj. 1. Used to describe people mentioned above.
1.Thomas fell asleep thirty minutes after everyone arrived at the party, what a JP!

2.JP Thomas fell asleep thirty minutes after everyone arrived at the party.
by No JP Matt September 27, 2006
White Ginger who has a pushed in nose like a reggin (look up reggin to understand meaning). Break up with women after 4 years of realtionships and then fucks multiple women. a Davidsonvile resident who loves to lax.
Dude, look at that JP Ricker, he is such a fire crotch and str8. He jus broke up with his girlfriernd of 3.5 years for his 6 foot long lax pole. such a D-viller
by lemonsticks March 30, 2010
Acronym for junior partier. It is used to describe someone who is not down for a party or fun time. Someone who will not partake in fun events, drink more beer, etc.
"Hey James, you want to see who will have a longer keg stand?"-Mike
"Naw dude"-James
"Dude, don't be such a jp."-Mike
"Fine, let's do it"-James
by Zack Schmitt May 15, 2008
short for JEWISH PRINCESS. gets everything she wants. has alot of money. daddy buys her wot she wants.
OMG how much do u like love my new gucci watch? daddy got it for me wen we were in harrods shopping.
by amanda February 22, 2005

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