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v. An acronym for the phrase Junk Punch.
Stop being an ass, or else I'll JP you.
by Massimo2112 September 04, 2007
junior partier; inexperienced party goer
did u see that kid try n do that keg stand he threw up all over himself, what a JP.

this guy is really struggling to crack that blunt, lol what a JP
by Mr. Raxby Haledocious December 21, 2010
to jizz-poo, i.e. to ejaculate semen while defecating poop
Stephanie jp'ed all over Andy. She got semen and poop all over Andy.
by Apolo Ohno March 13, 2010
An acronym for "Jeter-Pussy". JP is the highest level of physical-attractiveness that a woman can reach. Technically speaking, JP is 2 levels higher than that of the much-coveted "Perfect 10" status. This term is in reference to All-Star Baseball player Derek Jeter, and his laundry-list of ridiculously hot sexual conquests.
"Dude, I heard you met a BOMB chick last night. On a scale of 1 to JP, how hot was she?"


by D-Roach March 03, 2009
A high crime area in Hyannis, Massachusetts, named for General Patton Drive, the neighborhood well known to locals as an illicit drug haven. (This area is not known as GP, as JP likely stuck better as a nickname).
Hyannisport is lovely this time of year, but beware of the east end, especially JP.
by Joel1974 July 01, 2010
Abreviation for JEWISH PRINCESS.
They get everything they want, normally drives a Mini Convertable They love to shop & everythings always payed for with "Daddys" money, & there never with out there D&G Sunglasses
"Have you seen that JP Over there, look shes got the new Chanel bag"
by QwertyL1 January 26, 2009
J.P. stands for jewish princess. jewish princess refers to a jewish girl who is very spoiled by her parents, and gets mainly everything she wants.
"man, that girl is such a j.p. her dad gets her everything"
by amaziing person January 14, 2007