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JP - cymbal player. most amazing boyfriend ever! He is always there for you and gives the best kisses. Most likely will fall in love with a cute girl in the colorguard. Crazy, fun, exciting.
Oh how she loves her JP.
by Babydoll91595 September 08, 2010
64 36
In Polish "Jebać Policje" - a new hiphop phrase which recently overtook "HWDP" / "(c)Huj w Dupe Policji" as the most popular hiphop way of showing that you're an edgy rebel.

Very popular on hoodies, graffitti and such.
Kurwa Policyjna Propaganda JP
by Londonitsta April 26, 2010
34 20
j p
-someone or something that is random
-a short way of saying just poking (playing) the real way of spelling this definition is jp
-That was the most j p movie I've ever seen!
-You are so j p, John!
-im s00ry, i was jus jp
by jwiz August 28, 2007
20 6
A value of 9e99 km

A theoretical number that supposedly determines the length of Jordan's Penis. (Theoretical because no living person can confirm this) Many scientists have traveled great distances to determine the true value, but the feat has proved too impossible. By using calculations, scientists have approximated a number that may be close to the actual length of Jordan's Penis. God only knows how many men have lost their lives to discover if an end even exists. Trying to measure even a fraction of her/his penis institutionalised one of the words most renowned scientists for 3 months. The true value may never be know.
JP is the reason the Big Bang occured.
by Sole survivor December 09, 2011
12 7
Having sex with a girl then sticking it in her mouth when you cum
Josh pulled a JP on Elena last year.
by Josh Price October 03, 2007
20 19
Originally "Jizz in Pussy", Now commonly used as a slang term for sex, a hot girl, a group of girls (JP's).

Wow, I'd like to JP her!

Damn I need a JP..
by JP All Day May 24, 2007
79 81
Shorthand for Jamaica Plain, a borrow bordering Roxbury and Brookline in Boston, MA
I'm going to Ferris Wheels and CD Spins in JP.
by Matt Media January 02, 2004
33 35