someone who tries to masterbate but is unable to
that kids a jp
haha what a fucker!
by penissuck October 29, 2007
Stands for "Just Pot." It's the weed that is nothing to brag about. Usually reffered to when dealing with the redish brown stuff from mexico. Also reffered to as "Dirt Weed".
Hey man, you got the good stuff? No I just have some JP.
by Chris Duenas August 03, 2005
Jiggly Phat
man that JP is hanging
by jiGglaY phAt December 09, 2003
Japanese Police. Used extensively by U.S. service members stationed in Japan.
We need to hurry and get the fuck out of here before the JP's come!
by Brian_0847 October 31, 2007
short for Jewish Pride
He was sportin his JP by wearing his keepa to school.
by Naaa October 25, 2003
Abbreviation for the jet pack in the popular Natural Selection Mod for Half-Life.
Usually asked for by 12 year olds who just joined a server.
"Commander give me a JP and HMG so I can pwn their hive"
Note: Giving out JPs typically is like signing a death sentence on the marine who will inevitably fly off alone and get killed.
by ViolentBob June 22, 2005
biggest douche piece of shit on earth
"Hey Red-nut reckons you can't have the print room door open because it's too hot"
"What a JP!"
"Yeah he's a douche!"
by manbearpig1234 October 05, 2009

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