biggest douche piece of shit on earth
"Hey Red-nut reckons you can't have the print room door open because it's too hot"
"What a JP!"
"Yeah he's a douche!"
by manbearpig1234 October 05, 2009
Some kind of noob, usually a noob that goes by the name of Barry Trotter and hangs out in forums. Also the kind of noob that enjoys praising the 1337 religion.
JP's Forums hosted by Barry Trotter, 1337 Ub3R hAx l33tzorz
by Thomyb September 14, 2008
A young man between the age of 18-25 which claims to be straight, but deep down inside loves the cock in or around his mouth or anus
Man that guys a pretty big JP
by Area 51 4 LIFE January 25, 2009
a fuked up son of a bitch who is impatient and lieks to masturbate when nobody is around. he thinks to be straight when deep down inside he like to swallow semen JP is usually asian name that is an annoying douchebag and likes to bother people when they need to finish important stuff.
wow that dude is such a JP
by jackbean69696969696969 June 17, 2009
a confused PJ; very fond of STD (suck this dick); a dangerous little boy (watch out for the classic snow up the skirt move)
by NoIDontBlow March 04, 2003
A GANGSTA not GANGSTER who is white an wants to be black who is extremely GAY and loves SOCCER!
JP is a GANSTA who smokes homies on 9th street while smokein some DUBBIES!
by David M April 18, 2005
just your every day dumb lookin' mother fucker.

A person who does not know how to wear sunglasses properly.
"JP's" and "CALIENDOS" flock in Firebirds.
ATTN: See CALIENDO for information.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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