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When you realize the weekend is over, and you have to give up 40+ hours at a shitty job just to earn enough to eat and have shelter.
Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.
by karma June 11, 2004
An acronym for 'John Player Special', a brand of cigarette marketed by Imperial Tobacco LLC (Imperial Brands Ltd. in Canada). The John Player Special brand is well known for its less chemical, yet more bold taste than many blends available on the mianstream market. The signature elegant gold lettering on black packaging has earned the blend the nick name 'The Black Death'. Though Imperial Tobacco has released at least red and white renditions of the package (the latter of which was at one point the subject of a massive advertising spree in the UK), the most popular blend and type remains the International Blend, King Size Black (as opposed to American Blend).
JPS is often (whether true or not) cited as the most potentially health-damaging non-american blend allowed for sale by Health Canada
by Karma April 05, 2005
The generic farewell of younger drug dealers, from punks to thugs and every niche in between. Is usually grossly mispronounced, making it sound much like 'paayse', 'puhayse'
Johnny cut the dealer peace short with the door and booked it, he needed to be somewhere he could find a sponge - and fast.
by karma March 23, 2007
A person with a very weak CB radio signal
"I'm steppin' on a mud duck."
by Karma June 24, 2003
After hanging out with someone who can't speak or talk in complete sentences. You will get Jordyn-Symdrome
"Dude you can't talk, you must have Jordyn-Symdrome."
by KARMA July 22, 2012
1. to stick a foreign object in one's anus.
You must find this other Fireb0rn and s0domize him, Fire. -neoro
by Karma March 20, 2005
To smack somone on the ass producing sexual pleasure. Then saying "good game" so its not so obvious.
"Tippy likes the good games."
by Karma December 01, 2003
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