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An acronym for 'John Player Special', a brand of cigarette marketed by Imperial Tobacco LLC (Imperial Brands Ltd. in Canada). The John Player Special brand is well known for its less chemical, yet more bold taste than many blends available on the mianstream market. The signature elegant gold lettering on black packaging has earned the blend the nick name 'The Black Death'. Though Imperial Tobacco has released at least red and white renditions of the package (the latter of which was at one point the subject of a massive advertising spree in the UK), the most popular blend and type remains the International Blend, King Size Black (as opposed to American Blend).
JPS is often (whether true or not) cited as the most potentially health-damaging non-american blend allowed for sale by Health Canada
by Karma April 05, 2005
Jean-Paul Sartre, the famous existentialist philosopher and author of Being and Nothingness, as referred to by people who are tired of trying to pronounce his last name.
1: Is it pronounced "Sart-ruh" or just "Sart"?
2: Huh?
1: You know, the philosopher . . .

2: Oh, you mean JPS?
by sishu7 April 04, 2011
A Jamaican slang for "how come?"
Boy: I'm not gonna be able to go clubbin' with y'all tonight.
Girl: JPS?
by swmfrddy December 21, 2012
Acronym for "Justine P. Saying" which has become a cutesy term for "Just Saying"
Lisa A: That book is pure trash. Just saying.
Lisa B: That book is pure trash. Justine P. Saying
Lisa C: That book is pure trash. JPS
by hardwiredforfun July 13, 2012
Botnet term: Joins Per Second (JPS)

The speed at which bots join a channel when loaded (directed to a given IP).
WOW Pherks JPS is 4!
by afextz September 30, 2004
Acronym in spanish for 'together forever'
'juntos por siempre'
Her: Iloveyou baby
Him: iloveyou too babe
Her: Jps?
Him: Yes babee forever
by gigilove November 10, 2011
Jeep Positioning System

(otherwise know as a compass)
-"Hey, Jon, where are we now?"
-"Hold on just a sec while I check my J.P.S."
by wwhitte October 28, 2010
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