Top Definition
a. Jerry Question
b. Question devode of intelligence
c. A question that has nothing to do with the present topic of conversation
a. How do you left and right justify text?
b. What is baso? (When on the board 'base' has been written several times.)
c. Why doesnt link to Sun Microsystems
d. Is laptop spelt L-A-B-T-O-P?
by The Phil November 21, 2003
One bad mutha-fucka, best to be avoided if one values ones life

see also: Eclipcer, LaoziDao, hemopheliac
oh shit!!! here comes JQ!
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
Jason Quek
The most amazing person in the known world.
I was talking to JQ.
Let me polish my shrine to JQ before we go.
I wish I could write like JQ.
by HighpriestessOfJQ May 07, 2006
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