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The way morons type the word dumb
Wow im so fucking dum!
by Krazee Muffin June 12, 2004
Possibly the worst ironic word in the intire internet type. A shortenend version of the usually/possibly insulting word ' dumb ', which originally means 'unable to talk', but in todays language, means just plain stupid.
Umm...Umm. I think you are dum maaan, you can't even spell dum right- dum ass!
by D Mob January 23, 2005
Irony in it's finest form.
You mean dumb, right?
by woodsterix July 24, 2011
to not be smart about something or not make correct decisions
correct spelling dumb
"That girl is dum dude"
by heavy_a December 18, 2002
1. A common misspelling of dumb.
2. Or another word for dry cum
1. Dude: Man your so dum!

Man: dude your spelling skills suck!

2.Aw sh*t, got a bunch of dum from last night on my pants!
by Yermom<3 June 05, 2014
Sexting slang for "Do You Masterbate"
Hey Babe, DUM
by msff January 15, 2012
extreme form of the word "dum", because the dum rarely get a 'b'.
Lifeless student 1: Did you that Jennifer's chemistry average is a 34?
Lifeless student 2: Unsurprising. She's so dum.
by popegrandpoobah December 01, 2011
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