First coming strongly on the scene in the 1970's meaning bullshit, unbelievable, etc. but has since evolved into a totally different meaning.

The more modernized form is used to refer to the action of fingering a girl or guy (inserting your fingers into your own or another's vagina/ass as a form of pleasure; having another's fingers inserted into your vagina/ass as a form of pleasure).
Jive is often considered a less vulgar alternative to the term "fingering".

My boyfriend jived me for hours last night, it felt amazing, he has such strong hands.
by michelle reimer August 16, 2008
Can be used to replace any word.
Man, I've done a lot of jive today.
You wanna jive?
Give me that jive before I jive your ass up!
by jivemasta April 20, 2005
an adjactive used to emphasize a statement. Can mean 'a lot', 'really' or 'a little', 'not really'
(a lot/really)It's jive hot outside!
(a little/not really) Was the concert fun? Jive like.
by ashley January 31, 2005
To annoy.
To throw off one's style/ego
Quit jivin' me, turkey. A turkey is a bad person.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
Jive is a style of clothing and lifestyle. Jive style consist of Nike dunk sb, Nike dunk, Nike Blazer, LRG, Stussy, and hip-hop clothing. Jive clothing style can also consist of skinny jeans, boys as well. Jive boys/girl where thick rimmed glasses, bandanas, and fitted hats as accesories.Jive kids listen to non stop rap such as kanye west, pharelll, lil wayne, and lupe fiasco. It is a cross between gangsta/hood/ skater/scene.
Jive kids dont shop at the mall, they get EVERYTHING online
xx;omg did u see that kid tht had the dino jrs. and pink skinnies!?!?

oo:yeah and tht bandana hes wearing made hm lok so jive!

by zach goldstein December 01, 2007
Formerly a word used in Georgia meaning lame, or stupid, or retarded
How did the cookie feel?
He was felling crummy.
Shut yo ass up with that jive ass joke.
by NobodyMan June 10, 2005
exhilerating in a mental state, cool
whoa, that monkey jumper is JIVE
by hamboy May 03, 2003

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