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A variation in the hand-ball rules. This rule stipifies that if a player can keep the ball in play buy thrusting their groin (male or female, this rule does not discriminate) at the ball resulting in that player remaining "in" and the game will continue as normal. Also, if a player can manage to serve "Groin Ball" style the game will end and all the players must carry the server on their shoulders through the massing crowd of amazed on lookers.
A player mishits a ball into the air. In an amazing feat of atheleticism the player (Mario) manages to bat the ball into his opposing player's court by thrusting his groin at the airborne ball.
by choxo October 11, 2006
Essentially a bachelor pad, but more specifically the master bedroom. Obviously when you enter the hump tank the obvious follows, the trick is to get them in there.
Suave: Join me in my hump tank
by choxo October 12, 2006
a phrase you'd use in front of your mother, or grand mother. Basically this term describes any unknown individual or paty doing something annoying, that would generally make you swear.
Someone pulls out in front of you, your mother a passenger:
YOU: Aww, come on geek patrol!
by choxo October 11, 2006
N. and v.
Slang for booze. This convenient word allows inconspicuous conversations about alcohol between adolescents.
Party-er 1: You jivin' tonight?
Party-er 2: Is the pope a catholic?

under-18: Hey man can you get me some jive?
18 yr old: Fo shiz
by choxo October 11, 2006
Specifically a dog with a hairless rear end. This can be as a result of small fires, excessive scratching or bad fashion sense. It can also be used as a geneal derogatory statement about a person.
1. Hey! Look at that moon dog!

2. Hey! Look at that moon dog!
by choxo October 14, 2006

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