To give head; to orally please some one
Man, I speak jive. Do you understand it? I've been speaking it for a while, would you like to hear? *gives head*
by onemanlan September 23, 2004
this word means that you are very cool
"you aint jive..ima jive turkey!!"
by Julie!! July 21, 2004
A southeastern term uses in the low country in Ga. Mainly in Savannah,Ga. Which describes an car, situation, clothing, shoes, hair, and etc
Carolyn 's basketball team beat, the other team so bad. That "jive" was exciting.

Look at that jive right there ! I wonder what size rims he has on that car ? They're enormous !

We went to Funky Fest in Atlanta, maaann that jive was so nice. I loved all of the performer's.
by SouthernStyleChick87 June 17, 2015
Really cool; chill; a good feeling; radical
"Dude, that's so jive!"
"I'm feeling so jive right now!"
by Sierra Mist May 26, 2015
1. Crazy, irrational, bull shit... as in Jivin' turkey
2. Frequently used in place of vibe, as in what's going on around you or meshing... as in "these outfits don't jive" or "I can dig your jive."

3. A dance as featured in the movie Grease, "Hand Jive."
George Jefferson's, "You jive turkeys."
Mr. Atkinson (my old history teacher), "... and all that jive."

Example: Someone wants to sell you ocean front property in Omaha, you respond with, "You jivin' me?"
by CrumpetsandBollocks October 09, 2014
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