N. and v.
Slang for booze. This convenient word allows inconspicuous conversations about alcohol between adolescents.
Party-er 1: You jivin' tonight?
Party-er 2: Is the pope a catholic?

under-18: Hey man can you get me some jive?
18 yr old: Fo shiz
by choxo October 11, 2006
Sweet, tight, cool
This is a jive party, man
You're looking jive in that miniskirt, baby
by Lexy October 21, 2003
to be at peace with the world because you just don't give a damn.
Apathy bliss.
Foolish Pewee Rhetoric.
mind like water philosophy
rogue or stray cat mentality
" Hey, jive brother."
" Hey, stop jiving me."
by Radec March 04, 2003
a language meant for the jungle, often mistaken for monkeys communicating in tropical rainforest. It is believed that the tongue of the chimpanzee and the african american are simular in so many ways, it has prompted further testing.

Black man: Ahhh yeah.... aaahhhhh ahahhhhh ahhhh yeah uknow'im sayin.. huh haahhhh ahhahhhh hoo hoo

Monkey: I don't speak jive.. did you say, "Can I get a banana bitch!"
by reverend x March 05, 2007
its a crap dance i can't do ..sheeeza!
My sister is a jiving wuss
by Ludo December 03, 2003
The Indestructible Beat of Soweto townships. If have not heard it then you dont know true music.

The of township jive blasted through the neoghbourhood streets
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