I'm gonna go put my jive over there.

What is this jive?
by aasqhulienyo March 26, 2009
Besides the 70-80's language from the movie Airplane....
To enjoy greatly.
"Man i could really jive a brew right about now."

See also jove;

To have enjoyed greatly.

I definately jove that party on the weekend."
any specific sort of jargon or language.
that cat was talking all smart, i didn't understand his scholarly jive.
by Lo June 26, 2005
The word "Jive" can be used in place of the word "Fucking" or "Freaking".
Fag: Bro, that shirt is jive awesome!

LAXPro: Yeah...It's cuz im Jive awesome..
by JiveOnMe October 08, 2010
ghetto or not legit
ie : a beat up car, rap, apple bottom jeans
"Did you see that car with one wheel??"
"yea, thats pretty jive."
by inthenow June 08, 2009
to stab or be stabed several times in the pen with a makeshift knife called a shank or a jive
yo back the fuck the fuck of or i will jive your ass
your job is to sneek jives into the pen
by christopher palidino March 06, 2009
sometimes dirty sounding, yet very effective when trying to score pot or a turkey bone shank
sometimes known as your mom, thats what she said, wtf, jive, jive, hive, live, dive, jive, cha cha bo baa bu nanna nanna bo fah......... fala
yo jive turkey, pop my toaster lckin' sock in that stank jam choo.
by Nate who is awesome January 27, 2009

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