jive can also mean that u agree with something or someone
Ash: u see that gurl's ugly clothes?
Pam: Jive
by likah April 09, 2008
A lesbian sex term meaning to jizz or cum on oneself.
Girl Number One: "Do you like it when i touch you there?"
Girl Number Two: "Uh-Huh, I just jived in my pants a little!"
by RidinOnTheTrainOfPain February 02, 2011
To dance without music, to portray the rythem of your soul through your movements, to hear a beat in your head and a want to show the world you do. To clap to nothingness; to hum to silence; to dance.
Person Dude, what are you doing?
Randomer dancing Im jiving! jive with me...*dances*
by Hutchyz May 12, 2007
When a person or person's does or says something to you or someone you know that is hurtful or wrong.
He's jive, he lied to her about that one chick he hooked up with.

Why you gotta play me like that? That's jive man.
by Greeno August 03, 2005
Romany chib, meaning toungue or language.
Possibly related to Sanskrit jiv -- a root word refering to living beings
Me haiava romani chib (jive)
by anonymous etymologist August 21, 2006
Another means of saying "that's ghetto".
"Your car is straight jive play'ah"
by dankass August 06, 2008
1) Another word for cool, awesome, cute, or fantastic. Often followed by "like totally". Originating in Redding, California.

2) Basically saying "lets go"
1) Girl 1: Hey do you like my new dress?

Girl 2: Oh yeah! It's so jive!

Girl 1: Like totally!

2) Girl: Are we ever going to leave?

Guy: Fine. Lets jive.
by Jovie Bravo October 05, 2010

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