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To act foolish, to joke around or act in a random nature

shorter versions- jivin & jivin'
"you straight jiving, get over it homie"

"Whats up jive turkey, you straight jiving?"

"I be jiving all day!"
#jiving #jivin #jivin' #fool #foolish #jive #turkey #random
by II Haze May 21, 2009
Lieing beyond return.
Oceans Twelve (Stealing the egg from the museum)
Bruce Willis: Julia! (roberts) What a pleasant surprise! Hows Danny?
Tess(Julia): Good! I'm just here for the photo op.


Detective: Ms. Roberts, I just got off the phone with Julia. She said she's in London right now.
Bruce Willis: you jiving little bitch.
#jive turkey #jive #jiving #juug #joog
by drosk1727 January 30, 2010
To be on the same level/page as someone. Used much like the term "Chillin", except the people you are "jiving" with are usually very close to you.
Tim: "Hey dude what's going down?"
Me: "Just jiving with jerry."

Me: "Hey Tim, Come over and jive with us!"
#jiving #jive #jived #jieved #jieving
by Pyrex October 17, 2012
a verb meaning to bust several moves back to back while listening to great music.
woman 1: oh snap, check out our girl!

woman 2: yeah, this is her song, she is straight jiving.
#dancing #moving #partying #fun #music
by kwilson January 11, 2009
matching, alike
Make sure that shit is Jiving
#similar #alike #duplicate #replica #matching
by Nikejustdoit August 19, 2008
The new "cool", since "cool" has at this point become a lame ass word thrown out to whatever something new is needed to fill the gap: jiving.

An alternative of "what's up?" is "what's jiving?" except "what's jiving?" has a wider range of inquiry.
That's so jiving!

What's jiving?
#awesome #whats up? #cool #jive #sastun
by Brilliantmumbler November 01, 2009
talking about folks,
i.e, cappin, clowing, kickin it on someone
by tashan June 09, 2004
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