70's ebonics, black speech, a deep form of slang slightly easier to understand than this shizzle language. It appears that some honkys in here didn't get the memo.
Hey, it's all part of the revolution! **combs fro**
by Macadaciouse September 05, 2004
used to emphasize a statement;
i.e.: very, really, pretty
That shit was jive expensive.
That joint was jive tight.
by Reese Fox August 27, 2004
"Yes", "I agree", general interjection used to express excitement or appreciation.

Can be used in the negative, i.e. "no jive", to do the opposite, i.e. say "No", "I disagree", or express disappointment or disapproval.
1: "Are you going to the game tonight?"
2: "Jive."

1: "That was such a bullshit call dude."
2: "Jive, that ref is blind."

1: *sees girl in crowd with nice rack*
1: "Jive!"
by Sleepingjuj July 17, 2013
It's what I dig, man. That's all.
I play it cool
And dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive.
-Langston Hughes
by Gavin Bauer January 10, 2007
Marijuana. Slang, obsolete, black sub-culture, dating to at least 1930s.
"Here Comes The Man With The Jive!" (title of song)
-- Stuff Smith And His Onyx Club Boys
by Beaters September 04, 2007
A 8 count dance that is danced on rockabilly music, early rhythm and blues and some 8 count southern country music. The first 4 counts is called "the call" and the 4 others "the move".

The calls are move that almost always the same. The 2 most used are the flat hand push and the liberty statue. It spins the girl and prepare her for the upcoming move.

For the other part, the move, do as you wish little hepcat!!
When the Rockabilly band is playing, you ask the girl "wanna Jive"?
by sheriff luke April 06, 2008
A lesbian sex term meaning to jizz or cum on oneself.
Girl Number One: "Do you like it when i touch you there?"
Girl Number Two: "Uh-Huh, I just jived in my pants a little!"
by RidinOnTheTrainOfPain February 02, 2011

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