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verb meaning to run or to leave in a hurry
i fuckin booked when the cops showed up
by stfu March 04, 2003
The most superest steam mod eva!!!
and shes hot too
who needs an example for hot ass girl that is a gamer
by STFU January 08, 2005
It's like when someone imitates someone else or does something cool after someone else already made it cool, basically saying someone is "riding the coat tails" of the person before them.
I did that already, gj coattails. Fucko.
by STFU April 02, 2003
Xtremely Lame Cheaterz, Someone who passionately cheatz
XLC owns you and your server
by stfu June 07, 2003
two in the pinky one in the stinky
by stfu November 08, 2003
1. A word that means STFU when directed to Shackers.
Davatar, shut the fuck up.
by STFU January 28, 2003
1. good, well 2. surprising
1. that shit is whoa 2. you got caught? thats whoa
by stfu March 04, 2003
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