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N. Decompression sickness, caused when a diver moves from a high-pressure environment to one of low pressure too rapidly, causing bubbles to form in their bloodstream as gases in pressurized, liquid form quickly revert to their natural state. Symptoms include: blotchy rashes, coughing spasms, dizziness, unconsciousness, and a bizarre inability to bend joints (hence, the phrase the bends).
Hours after the inexperienced diver rocketed from 200 feet to the surface of the ocean, he felt ill and discovered he was suffering from the bends.
by Lo September 01, 2004
magnificent pimp
by Lo April 24, 2003
It really is Penis Cream
When my penis cream came in the mail it was in a plain brown box labled "NOT PENIS CREAM"
by lo December 22, 2003
To skip school, or ditch class
"I was going to sluff class today, but the security guard busted me on my way out of the school."
by Lo February 20, 2004
A very sharp knife used to cut vocabulary and body parts.
I'll cut your neck with my new Nasif!!
by lo March 06, 2003
a female with a huge ass.
like when you see a horse and the first thing you notice is the huge ass brown ass.
by lo August 01, 2004
A straight person who has as much taste as a queer does. ie, fashion, grooming sense, etc.
Tim is queer-eyed when it comes to clothes.
by Lo July 29, 2003

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