Ugly Child
The Jit was immature.
by dfjg December 05, 2003
Used as a mild herb in medicines
u got somma dat jit boi
by jared November 07, 2003
Abbreviation of the word "shit." Can also be followed by the suffix "head" (i.e. Jit-Head) to describe someone who constantly acts like a shit-head.
"Did somebody fucking fart?! It smells like jit in here!"

"I know who broke your disco ball... It was that fucking jit-head down the street. We should go cave in his skull and kill his whole family."
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
A dance involving a moving of the foot/ leg.
We was at a party and we had t jit.
by Brandon June 06, 2003
abbreviation for joint (as in place).
Yo, let's get out of this jit.
by Mark Kessel January 13, 2008
The act of pushing 1-3 fingers in the side of someone and saying "JITS!"
Cortis walks up to Beardmore and JITSes him.
by CCfootball November 01, 2007
another name for cannabis, also known as marijuana to all you people who don't toke up. This is commonly used around today's non-smoking society to refrain from any confrontation. The word just explains itself.
Tommy and Fred smoked jit all night until they couldn't even open up their eyes. Sounds like a fun night for Tom and Fred.
by jitster October 22, 2009
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