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Another word for Kid, youngsta
All these Jits around here taking over the hood orginated in FLORIDA
by Woods November 08, 2003
To smoke Marijuana, joint, Blunt, Bong whatever
I was cheifin last night got high as a motherfucka
by Woods November 08, 2003
another word for your friend, Homie, partner, Dog
Let me call my round TROY for that weed
by Woods November 08, 2003
Another word for Blunt, Cigar stuffed with marijuana
I smoked a sweet last night. Southern orgin.
by Woods November 08, 2003
Dollar, Cash, Money.
thant dadburn beer cost me almost two semolians
by woods December 18, 2004
Drive by shooting , to perform
Lets spin the bend on that buster
by Woods November 08, 2003
A lude act where the subject's part/parts break free of thier restraints and lurch out into the arena of battle. Genatlia which has cut its self loose and his worming its way down one's boxer shorts and out into public view often causing offence to the viewer.
A: Dude get the camera out, thats a classic herring slip
B: Thats textbook, he'll regret that.
by Woods February 16, 2005

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