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A real language that girls use to tell each other things so boys won't know what they're saying.
dithagont yithagou withagish yithagou nithagew jithagibbithagerithagish ?
by Lindsey April 27, 2004
A language made up by the user(s) that doesn't fall under any particular established tounge.
"When my friends talk about World of Warcraft, it seems like their speaking jibberish".

"Sigur Ros use a jibberish language called Hopelandic in some of their songs".

"When I was 10, my friends would sometimes speak in jibberish just to piss me off".
by HockeyRockNRollDude November 10, 2007
To speak in a manner that is of the Jibber tribe
by Leviathan September 02, 2003
sense none making. Food the good beans. Breaking News: Your mothers vag cheese will burst out on the scene and take control of mllions of innocent lives while spinning hip hop music and spitting balls of fire. The truth is that your game fails and that 2012 is very real. The end of the world. Oh and one more thing poop on a stick, a fat piece of lumber layered with delicious brown. did you see that?!
Dude what the fuck are you talking about, all I'm hearing is jibberish
by rabiesgoAt November 20, 2009
talking in a way that is unhman
me and my friend spoke jibberish to eachother
by Johnny Robitussin August 25, 2003
words spoken in a different language which is really fun
thdagis idagis hodagow tdago wrdagite idagin JIBBERISH - My best friend and I are always TALKING and WRITING in jibberish and no one can understand us.
by CARBAR March 25, 2006
See gibberish. "Jibberish" is a common mispelling.
-How do you spell gibberish Michael?
-But miss! I've already answered today! - ok,erm, J..
by brendan September 06, 2004
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