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62 definitions by Lindsey

verb; making out passionately
lets go snog while my parents are gone
by lindsey February 24, 2005
652 440
A euphemism for filterless cigarettes, not to be confused with joints.
Pass me some cancer sticks nigga.
by Lindsey March 27, 2005
246 54
A real language that girls use to tell each other things so boys won't know what they're saying.
dithagont yithagou withagish yithagou nithagew jithagibbithagerithagish ?
by Lindsey April 27, 2004
249 119
When someone pulls out a girls bloody tampon with their teeth. Then they shake their head back and fourth with it in their mouth making red marks on their cheeks. This makes them look like an idian chief.
My boyfriend gave me a chief joseph today and boy did he have some indian marks.
by Lindsey May 20, 2003
108 33
Ryan Dunn/Plugs
"I'm about to get yanked the fuck off this bike."-RD, Jackass
by Lindsey February 14, 2004
105 33
To Urinate. Originated from japanese in Hawaii. It is in the pidgin english family of words
I gotta go shishi, girlfren. Wea da bachroom?
by Lindsey April 21, 2003
110 42
Chris Raab-Matt Damon's nephew. Really likes to shit in front of people.
"Lil KeyKey go use your little shitbox..."-Raab, CKY4
by Lindsey February 02, 2004
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