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A language made up by the user(s) that doesn't fall under any particular established tounge.
"When my friends talk about World of Warcraft, it seems like their speaking jibberish".

"Sigur Ros use a jibberish language called Hopelandic in some of their songs".

"When I was 10, my friends would sometimes speak in jibberish just to piss me off".
by HockeyRockNRollDude November 10, 2007
A Canadian slang term for Victoria Day. A day to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday which was May 24th. Often done with fireworks and 2-4 (24 bottle) packs of beer.
"What are you doing for the May 2-4?"
"I'm having a huge party with fireworks and getting wasted!"
by HockeyRockNRollDude June 12, 2007
A big, urban, fast, big, American, big, landmarked, tourist attraction and did I mention big city located on the Eastern Seaboard on the Atlantic Ocean on the United States. Split into 5 parts, Manhatten, Staten (Long) Island, Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn. Everything in New York is BIG! The buildings are big, the population is big, the people have big attitudes along with big hearts at the same time, the influence is big, the number of things you can do are big and the number of places you can eat and live are big. The only thing that's small in NY is the Cotton Club. Also known as the Big Apple and the City That Never Sleeps. Holder of Central Park, The Empire State Building, Times Square, Radio City, 8 million people, 7 sports teams (Rangers, Islanders, Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants and Knicks) and a hell of alot of character and influence. Apparently went through a really bad period from the Stock Market Crash to Guliani becoming mayor where there were huge crime rates, poverty rates etc. But after Guliani came in, he cleaned the city up. I DO know this, because I went to New York and it was great.
I went to New York City in May and I loved it. The atmosphere is great where everyone's walking around, it's safe, it's clean, there's alot to do, the people are really nice and it has character. The city itself is a wonder of the world. Only problem about New York is it's easy to get lost. But you've just got to watch where your going, that's all.
by HockeyRockNRollDude June 17, 2007
An 843 acre green oasis right in the middle urban grind. Located in mid-Manhatten bordered north by West 110th Street, west by Central Park West, south by West 59th Street and east by Fifth Avenue . Has attractions such as the Belevedre Castle, Turtle Pond, The Great Lawn, Strawberry Fields and the Delatcorte Theatre. In my opinion, it's the single best community park in the World (Hyde Park's not bad either, but it's got nothing on Central Park) and I don't live in New York. I don't even live in the United States.
I'm going to go play baseball in the many fields at the Great Lawn in Cental Park.

I'm going to pay tribute to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields in Central Park.
by HockeyRockNRollDude July 22, 2007

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