When your male jewish friends curly hair gets so big from lack of a hair cut that he has an afro.
Geez Jared, dont you think its about time to trim down that Jewfro?
by Secret Scary Girl July 17, 2005
an afro-like haircut, except it resides on the head of a Jew.
Benji looks like a goofy wanksta with his du-rag, jew-fro, and sagging And1 shorts.
by Nick D March 16, 2003
the coolest hairdo in the world that only jews can grow it resembles an afro but normaly hase largeer curles but ive seen jews that have hair just as curly
shit no i aint stratenin my jewfro
by bob March 07, 2004
When your hair looks like you've walked through the desert 40 years without taking a shower.
That guy's jewfro is almost as bad as Moses' was.
by Aresenopyrite November 23, 2007
A sytle of hair worn by gangster jews. It is a mix of gangster afro and jewish curls.
Mike Marton-Rollins and Alex the tron Carson both sport the jew-fro
by M Cizzle October 30, 2004
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