Jew Fro: (adj)

1) A non-African American afro, which explains a hairstyle that is bushy enough to grow upward predominantly found on jews. Usually found in a much more un-manicured state of that than a 1970's basketball star.

2) Dustin Diamond's hair-do. (aka screech)
Man I fucking hate that gay ass Dustin Diamond, i wish that drill Sargent would have beat his fat ass on celebrity fit club. I would love to light his jew fro on fire.
by Brando239 December 12, 2007
the sexiest hairdo known to womankind, or at least to the japs of Toronto. Mmmm mmm mmm
Ethan Zohn, that Jewish hotty that one survivor had one sexy mother of a Jew-Fro
by Angie November 10, 2003
The coolest hairdo in the world that all the goyim wish they could grow.
My grandfather sported a jewfro.
by Amanda May 09, 2005
1 (n.) The untamed, usually frizzy locks of a Jew.
Person # 1: "Did you see Rebecca's Jew-Fro at temple the other day. Man did that thing have its own zip code"
Person #2: "Yeah, she needs some frizz control for that Jew-Fro"
by Nikki4mets August 26, 2006
The world's sexiest hair. Oft sported by people of the Jewish faith, it is curly, thick and usually very dark (if not black) hair. Many people of all origins would agree the combination of volume and buoyancy would almost guarantee attractiveness.
Oh my G-d, look at that hottie with that Jewfro over there.
by ithinksoccerrocks July 17, 2007
A "white man's afro" worn by jewish people.
Mr. Belding massaged his cock with Screech's sexy jewfro in front of Mr. Dewey's class at Bayside.
by Bolton August 31, 2005
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