Dark, curly frizzy hair that often belongs to Jews.
I would love to grow my hair out, but it will just poof out into a jewfro.

Issac: Check out that Jew over there.
Chris: How do you know that?
Issac: I could spot that jewfro from another zip code.
Chris: Yeah, you're right. Wow, you have really good jewdar.
by Eric23 August 04, 2007
jew plus fro= jewfro!
what the hell is a jewfro?
cause i like that word but i dont think i should
by ohmaigod June 04, 2007
A large mass of curly hair that resembles an Afro, but is sported by a Jew. Jewfros are typically seen as hip and sexy if grown out to the proper length. Jewish guys with curly hair are the only one's who can officially sport a Jewfro, but other white guys can have an imitation Jewfro Only some people can pull off this look.
"Check out that guy's Jewfro! It's so awesome, I think I want to grow out my locks into a fro too!"
by michiganmayday April 12, 2010
a strange phenomenon that occurs in north american jewish males were their hair forms a very curly afro this are less seen in adulthood because it is shaven down so the can wear the hat found on jewish peoples heads.
alright kid don't move its time to shave that jewfro.
by the great lochard January 28, 2010
An jewish person's afro.
The thing that Slash has under his top hat is a jew fro
by XAmberxSixxX September 04, 2008
JewFro is an afro that a jewish boy has. it is almost identical to a normal afro, but it cooler and more poofy.
Damn, that dude has got a huge JewFro!
by The Original JewFro February 17, 2007
JewFro: A person who is a jewish dude who grows up in the Ghetto by starting off nerdy but gets cooler.

A particular person who's First name does not relate to the Name Jewfro at all and goes to school in A bad Area.
A gangster might say at first:who the shizzle is that?
In a few months he might say: Whats up JewFro come roll with us!


Hey JewFro what's up.
by Joseph Adams June 22, 2010

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