A large mass of curly hair that resembles an Afro, but is sported by a Jew. Jewfros are typically seen as hip and sexy if grown out to the proper length. Jewish guys with curly hair are the only one's who can officially sport a Jewfro, but other white guys can have an imitation Jewfro Only some people can pull off this look.
"Check out that guy's Jewfro! It's so awesome, I think I want to grow out my locks into a fro too!"
#afro #curls #jew fro #fro #bird's nest
by michiganmayday April 12, 2010
JewFro: A person who is a jewish dude who grows up in the Ghetto by starting off nerdy but gets cooler.

A particular person who's First name does not relate to the Name Jewfro at all and goes to school in A bad Area.
A gangster might say at first:who the shizzle is that?
In a few months he might say: Whats up JewFro come roll with us!


Hey JewFro what's up.
#jewfro #starter #uprising #reebok #cool #awesome #celebrity
by Joseph Adams June 22, 2010
A Sexy compile of pubes on one's hair such as Samuel Strangathan
Sam Strang has a sexy ass Jew fro
#fro #jew #sam #strang #douchebag #asshole #hair #pube
by Fuckmybutthole May 21, 2009
seriously curly hair on jewish folk'll.
man oh man allison carrot is rockin the jew-fro today
#curly mop #cotton ball #carrot hair #fro #nerd
by dave d'estroyer January 14, 2011
A certain hairstyle often worn by a Jewish person. It is best described as a large, poofy, dome-like nest that resembles that of a clown.
Yo man, I was in New City the other day and I saw this guy with the biggest Jew fro ever.
#new city #rockland #new city diner #jew city #afro
by carmen san-diego April 14, 2008
When a jewish person he/she has an overgrown pubic hair area..
I was afraid to go down on her, she had a jew fro... I was afraid it was going to get stuck in my teeth!
#jew #fro #bush #pubic #hair #afro
by Dick Lea April 20, 2011
Any guy named Justin who resembles any of the three jonas brothers. and who has nappy ass hair like a naager.
yo, yall see that jew fro lovin mutt..think justin was his name'o
#jew niger #jew #justin #joo frow #fro jo
by mufasaking January 20, 2010
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