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The innate ability to detect Jewishness in another person. Like a sixth sense.
"Yo check out the guy with the pigtails and yammulke. Jewdar off the charts."
"Oh you mean Jedediah over there? No, he's Presbyterian, obviously, bitch."

Some guy: "Shalom baby, 'jew' lookin' mighty fine tonight."
Girl: "What!!?!? I'm not Jewish, motherfucker. I'm Hindu. Nice jewdar."
Some guy: "Oh, sorry, I didn't see that red dot on your head. And that kimono or whatever it is. Oh yeah, and I guess you do look sort of Indian too. So, how 'bout you take me back to the reservation with you? You can be Pocahontas and I'll be the John Smith. Then we can bang."
(gets bitch-slapped)
by Nick D November 21, 2003
An insanely useful way of detecting the presence of another Jew in the near vicinity mainly by looks or auditory sample. You are one lucky bastard if you posess this and are not in fact a Jew yourself.
Randomness #1: Hey, is that guy-?
"Guy": SHALOM!
Randomness #2: Hella yeah.
by Chezlea March 14, 2004
The ability/gift to see that a person is part of the jewish culture/religion.

Short for jew-radar.
Daniel! Our substitute art teacher is jewish, lets ask him if he has jew pride.
by Nick July 23, 2004
1. The ability to spot Jewish people
2. Gaydar for Jews
1. My Jewdar tells me you're not Jewish.
2. That chick has Jewdar.
by Michael Weinstein October 06, 2004
A term for the phantom sense that one may have to identify (fellow) practitioners of the Jewish faith.
My jew-dar was totally going off all throughout the "Harry Potter" film. I knew Daniel Radcliffe was Jewish just by seeing him.
by Marcus Zeitz July 05, 2007
the innate ability to find currency and save it as though it was a small child.
His jewdar lead him straight to the money laying on the ground at the bar that no one else had even noticed.
by flutterby123 April 06, 2011
The special power posessed only by Jews that enables them to identify Jews by looks or, at most, hearing them speak. It is imporant to note that non-Jews do not and cannot have this power, as many of them naively believe that all Jews are fair-skinned with huge noses and jew-fros. Only some of us are, shmucks.
You'd be surprised at how many Jews come in here.... my jewdar is off the charts.
by Jonathan January 18, 2004
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