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If you think of the skateboarding move "stalefish" where you reach behind your legs, and grab your board this manouver is adapted into masturbation.
Go jerk off stalefish!!!

Person 1. "Whys he taking so long?"
Person 2. "I dunno, he's probably jerking off stalefish"
by Paul "Himself" August 10, 2006
21 12
To jerk off without the usage of material, such as a magazine or video.
My internet isn't working! Looks like I'm going to have to jerk off stalefish tonight.
by Mikey P 4130 March 19, 2008
45 15
This is the action of jerking off, then jerking off right after that.
Joe: Where is Chris going?
Paul: He's probably going to jerk off stalefish.
by Mikedakwik February 28, 2008
5 16