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6 definitions by Mikedakwik

Verbnoun is the combo of a verb and a noun to allow for less talking and more thinking. This practice is often used by those who don't have time for hoohah, gossip, and jibberjabber.
man1: Yo man, I'm gonna go to the store do you need me to get anything for you?

can be simplified to

man1: Yo man, I'm storin, you needin?

with the use of verbnouns.
by mikedakwik February 12, 2010
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1- puj (pronounced pudge), also P.U.J., stands for pick up juice. It is used in context as a verbnoun, to ask a friend to pick up juice as they are in a more able position to pick up juice, since you're probably sitting on the couch.
man1: Yo man, could you puj one for me?
man2: Hell yea dude, be back from class in 5.

NOTE: Not to be confused with pudge one for me, which oft means to take one for the team on a friday night.
by mikedakwik February 12, 2010
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when you've got the hottie, and your friend gets nottie, he's gonna have to hang with the fatty (pudge), wherin lies the term pudge one for me-cuz your buddy is entertaining the fatty.
man1: (while takin piss) Yo man, that chick was all about me, think you could pudge one for me and hang with her friend?

man2: Man...
by mikedakwik February 12, 2010
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man1: Yo man, you see that pudge?
man2: Yea, f***in a man.
by mikedakwik February 12, 2010
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The hard, spongy textured layer of jello found at the bottom of the bowl. It formed when jello isn't eaten for a number of days, thus becoming hard and losing taste. The act of biting into this layer gives you a nasty taste and texture in your mouth...SURPRISE!
Mom: Tonight we're going to your aunt's house to have dinner.
Child: Oh great...then for dessert we get to eat Uncle Don's week old jello with the jello surprise.
by Mikedakwik February 29, 2008
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This is the action of jerking off, then jerking off right after that.
Joe: Where is Chris going?
Paul: He's probably going to jerk off stalefish.
by Mikedakwik February 28, 2008
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