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Slang term for masturbation.

Any man born with a penis and a hand with at least a thumb and 2 fingers should be able to accomplish the feat.

Step 1: Find a good place to remove penis from pants. Suggestion: Shower, bedroom, dusty attic.

Step 2: Withdraw penis from pants.

Step 3: Double check location for humans and house pets. If they see you it could be uncomfortable.

Step 4: Open hand, place penis in hand, get a firm grip around your 'cock'. Lotion may be necessary to prevent chafing.

Step 5: Stroke penis with hand either gently or feverishly (or both).

Step 6: Repeat step 5 over and over until white fluid is ejected from the mushroom shaped head sitting atop the shaft. This should feel exquisite.
I enjoy feverishly whackin my cock in my dusty attic while rats bite at my toes and scrotum any chance I get.

I think about big fat Jamaican women when I am whackin my schlong. They make good grits and have jungle titties. I want to stick my penis in their large, dark, cavernous vaginas.
by ChocolateCoveredBallsacks March 05, 2008
you penis, just a better way of saying it
1. Hey u heard you see mark walkbergs whackins in this movie
2. Hey i think the girl in the pink wants my whackins
by Kenn J May 09, 2007
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