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a terrific person. can come off as a bitch, but once you know the person its very hard to stay away. blunt.. extreamly blunt, thats why some people just don't like her!
deffinatly a jayd thing to say bro
by fdrrs March 07, 2009
The most awesomest person you'll ever meet. This is grammatically incorrect on purpose. She occasionally complements weird beards, creates an overall awesome vibe in the room, and says Good Morning when she wakes up in the afternoon/evening even though she knows its not morning.
Have you met Jayd yet? Your life isn't complete without her.
by Tweety-J.T. December 23, 2013
To be stood up, fucked over, or blown off when a guy pretends to like you and then falls off the face of the earth.
"We used to text every day, but now he just stopped replying."
"Gurrrrrrrrrrrl, you just got Jay'd!"
by Illneedasaviour February 14, 2014
adjective, informal.

When an object or thing, functioning perfectly for its intended purpose, suddenly stops working in the presence of another human for no logical reason. Specifically to do with a new piece of technology. The solution to the problem is then often long winded and frustrating for said person.

Synonyms: Broken, Defective, Inured, Damaged, Unlucky, Devine Purpose, Fate
"How was your evening Master Bruce?"
"Terrible Alfred, I was battling the Joker when my batarang Jay'd out! It didn't return and then the riddler got a hold of it and wouldn't give it back till I answered his riddle: 'What do you throw away, but keeps coming back'."
"I believe the answe-"
"I couldn't get it either, so I punched him in the face and tied him upside down to a lamp post."
by franky fingers October 27, 2014
To be beaten at the very last second.
I was in the lead for the whole race, but got jay'd at the last second
by Firemind August 15, 2008
The nickname for the rapper Jermaine Dupri. Used especially often in the late 1990's when Jermain Dupri, and rival rapper Jay-Z both had number one songs. It was mostly used on the popular MTV show, TRL, to differentiate between the two.

"Last week Jay-D came in at number two on the coundown but you guys have voted and put him in the number one spot this week, bumping Jay-Z off the top!"
by bowwow April 04, 2006
a big huge large drop of poo on the floor.
woah look at that jayd right there.
by 12345whattt April 23, 2008

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