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exciting; enjoyable; pleasurable
That concert was terrific.
by Quinnly September 01, 2005
98 15
Adjective. used as a way to describe something delightful. Normally said by annoying girls who think they run it. if said in front of selected people, they may be at the risk of getting their asses kicked.
Melissa says terrific way too much.
by stephen sfdjhdfklj May 20, 2008
7 9
A combination of the words "terrible" and "horrific" in order to sound like you're complimenting a person when really, you think they should go suck a dick.
Me: "You know what? You're singing's terrific."
Ex Gf: "Thank you!"
Me: "That wasn't a compliment, bitch. I was mixing the words terrible" and "horrific" to make you seem stupid, you whore."
by IceColdChris July 15, 2010
32 37
1.To instill with terror.(similar to horrific: meaning to instill with horror)
That was so scary, it was terrific.
by Deathknightdelta August 27, 2003
30 40
This is the language spoken by terrorists.
That guy was speaking terrific, i couldnt understand a word he was saying.
by The654 May 07, 2009
12 34