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the hottest chick
damn that girls jayde!
by alice April 09, 2004
The sexiest girl to walk the planet. all the boys drule over her and chase after her. She is a great friend who you can trust for forever. She can be a bitch when she wants to, but if your on her good side, she has a great personality. When she smiles, it seems like the world has stopped turning. Her eyes will make you get lost over and over. You can see her in your dreams. Often a stripper because of her amazing looks. most of the time Jayde will have the boys chase after her and flirt with her. But of course she flirts back. She is fun, kind, and tone of the best people you will meet. Typically she is brunette or blond with an adorable face. Often has many relationships with people she may not like but gives them a chance. Watch out boys, you're in for a very lucky treat if you meet her. She is sometimes sexual but she is very nice. Sometimes a slut or player and can move on quickly, but if she likes you, you're just the one for her, for now.
1: I love this girl, she is so Jayde.

2: Boy 1: She is so Jayde, I love it.
Boy 2: I wish I had her, but she'll come around.
by Smileycat743 July 05, 2011
girl who will lead you on with false hope of actually getting a chance with her for at least a year, and then finally break your heart in the worst way possible,but despite this will always have a minimum of 1-3 guys hoping for chance.
guy 1: hey how are things going with jayde?
guy 2: well i spent 2 and a half years chasing after her, and then she finally just told me to give up.
guy 1: damn, thats rough, but if you don't mind im gonna ask her out.
guy 2: go for it, same thing will happen to you, don't say i didn't warn you
A girl who loves to to drink and get drunk! She is also very beautiful, most jayde's are brunette with spunky personalities. They stand up for themselves and most people can be scared of Jayde, but that's just because they're pussies! She is also very loving and caring. But get on her bad side and you'll regret ever being born!
Oh man look at that girl, she has such nice hair but she's kinda scary. That's definitely a Jayde!
by carmela556 September 23, 2014
Wheres my Jayde at ??
by sanerain April 13, 2016
The best person there can ever be. Usually really smart and forgiving he usually shares with people because he wants to be a better person. Some girls like him because of who he is but they never tell him. He's not really an athlete but he still can do many exercises.
My best friend is Jaydes.
by Evolutionary Gaming November 10, 2015
Slang word for poor biased or manipulative decision in role playing games
Why did you do that, it was so Jayde!
by Kawman October 12, 2011
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