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29 definitions by alice

the hottest chick
damn that girls jayde!
by alice April 09, 2004
450 166
Alternative pronunciation of "about" in the north of Scotland.
There's a moose loose aboot this hoose!
by Alice October 19, 2003
398 122
aggressive, argumentative
look, don't get aggro with me!
by Alice August 14, 2003
488 259
A transgendered person who was born female but has transitioned to masculinity through hormones, chest surgery, bottom surgery, and/or simply by identifying as male.
He hesitated to get into bed with the woman; he afraid of her knowing that he was actually a transman.
by alice November 07, 2003
154 21
everything when somebody says nothing is wrong it means everything is wrong
boy:whats wrong you look sad?
girl: nothing (<--liar)
by alice March 07, 2005
197 68
A masculine female-bodied person who strongly disassociates from zir body, to the point that ze does not allow zir female parts to be touched or sometimes even acknowledged. Definition can be extended to include emotional untouchability or extreme masculinity.
The stone butch did not even allow her long-time lover to see her naked.
by alice November 07, 2003
242 136
The masculine form of personified perfection.
*sigh* Diego *drool* Luna *sigh*
by Alice June 11, 2004
52 13