Slit at the end of a penis representing a japanese persons eye, this is also where the sperm meets the world, can also be shortened to be japs
James McNeil is a JAPS EYE!!!, ive got something stuck in my japs
by James McNeil April 19, 2006
The british slang for the hole on the top of a man's penis.

wookie hole, upper sphincter, purple top, hole in the helmet
Guy 1: So did the "sexy time" go alrite for you last night?
Guy 2: Not really, she shoved her fingers up my japs eye and it HURT.
by John Clarkie January 27, 2008
1. A small japanese eye slit looking hole at the tip of your bellend where you urinate out of.
Henry and Mavis where playing cards when Mavislost she Punished Henry By Forking hos Japseye!
by Peter Crotch November 18, 2006
The external opening of the male urethra, appearing as a slit at the end of the penis. Perceived by Europeans to resemble the eye of a Japanese man, some consider the term racist, but it clearly isn't, because Japanese men have them too.
Takahiro's attempts to find medical attention for the burning sensation in his Jap's eye were initially thwarted when he was directed to an optometrist.
by Urban Keith November 03, 2013
The end of the male penis
Brendon Travis tried ramming a zelda game down his japs eye
by Jack Middleton June 10, 2008
the slit of the penis that resembles an asian mans eye. Out of this slit urine and semen is secreted.
I have a well bad rash on my jap's eye
by Enormously Gifted September 25, 2003
Right there on the top of your dick. Out of it comes come and piss.
Aimed his jap's eye right at her throat and gave her a pearl necklace.
by Dick Splash November 08, 2003

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