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the dickhole
"stick your tongue into the tip of the meatus"
by carl July 15, 2003
Slang term for the urinary meatus (aka the hole at the tip of your dick)
If you have a dick without a meatus, you're a fucking freak.
by Bu Bugmont February 11, 2005
1. The opposite of a Pubic Mound.

2. Word used to describe a really pathetic person.

3. The funny little hole at the end of a guy's dingdang.
1. "That girl is such a pubic mound." "I know, but look at her boyfriend. He's such a meatus...I bet he can't ever get it up."

2. "Dude...check out my meatstick." "I hate you! You're such a meatus!"

3. "Ewwww! What is that?!" It's my meatus..." "Why is it so big?"
by Jobyn April 16, 2010
The gaping jaw of a penis, located on the tip; known as the meatus. It is the ogre of japseyes.
"Hey Purple, want to stick your tongue down my sticky meatus?"

by TrollAnus January 07, 2015
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