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To be fuckin' or messing with someone's head, or leading someone on.

Girl you been jankin me all day time.
by s.wood & kmuldawg November 15, 2007
To make fun of, clown, or cappin.
Listen cuz yesterday I was jankin on Barry so hard I thought he was gonna pull a Curt Cobain.
by almega86 July 13, 2005
to steal or rob, also to be hating.
while playing a video game and someone steals your kill(also known as a KJ) you can yell "man, why you be jankin'"
by johan ciznero December 19, 2009
A word to use instead of skank, disgusting, ugly...
ahhh mate tha's jankin'

georgina's face is jankin'!!

eww, thats so jank.

i may have to puke up jank if you carry on talking about fat people having a shit
by thecoolestpersonyou'lleverknowof November 06, 2006