To steal something when the affected party is present, but not paying attention.
"Hey Joe, I just janked Bill's iPod while he was in the bathroom!"
by slangjoker92 March 13, 2007

Otherwise known as "Junk"
Man, get this jank out of my room before I kill you!
Hey! Let's go to the jankyard.
by Kelly McKay February 15, 2007
a style of music stemming from illtown characterized by irreverent, overly emotional lyrics with raw, barely produced tracks. has little to no resemblance to modern music per se.
"illtown jank crank all duplicitous"
by david hazardous May 29, 2006
replacment of this, thing, an object know that thing= you know dat jank.

2.come to this party= come to this jank
by raya March 06, 2005
So if one were to say, "nigga that jank is crucial" It would be translated to, "man that stuff is needed"
by Prince Vegeta August 11, 2004
The process of hitting someone until the reach a state of serious injury ; OR, until you steal something from them. Or someting like that.
``He was trying to jank me!"

I stole that from Coach Z. Your mom.
by LemonWackyHello June 27, 2004
Caribbean. Marijuana cigarette. Joint.
Come on man, let's go smoke this jank
by dave June 12, 2004

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