So if one were to say, "nigga that jank is crucial" It would be translated to, "man that stuff is needed"
by Prince Vegeta August 11, 2004
The process of hitting someone until the reach a state of serious injury ; OR, until you steal something from them. Or someting like that.
``He was trying to jank me!"

I stole that from Coach Z. Your mom.
by LemonWackyHello June 27, 2004
Caribbean. Marijuana cigarette. Joint.
Come on man, let's go smoke this jank
by dave June 12, 2004
anything you goddamn please;stab
Dude, i janked that janker in his jank!
Jankedin the jank, hard 2 believe
by chris ostrom May 30, 2004
(jàngk) noun - quality or action and can function as the subject or object of a verb. 'to jank'

To perform a win or victory over an opponent of superior force with a strategy or action of sub-quality or randomness to a degree of seemed foolishness.
'Captain Kirk really janked Balok when he professed that he had 'corbomite' on board the Enterprise'.
by onebadwebmonkey February 21, 2004
A person who masturbates more than 3 times a day on a daily basis.
That guy is a total jank; look how hairy his palms are.
by Darrell February 14, 2004
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