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a verb describing when someone suddenly passes out. being high isn't necessary to 'jake' but is often a key factor. a Jake In Progress (JIP) can be identified by; sinking of the eyes, sudden lack of interaction with group, searching for the most comfortable position possible. a 'jake' can be delayed by the consumption of food however this is only a temporary solution. it is customary to loudly whine 'JAAAAAAAAKE' when someone jakes. resisting a jake is often futile however it is possible, many believe jaking to be a physical tiredness however it is actually a sapping of motivation with waves of lethargy.
'shit man, you jaked hard last night'

'I'd better go home before I jake'

'guys, jake's jaking'
'nah its just a JIP i promise'

'Oh shit i'm jipping, better get some food'

(notice someone jaking)
by Major Jaker April 10, 2013
To cancel plans at the last minute.
"We were supposed to drink scotch tonight Christian. Are you seriously jaking out on us again?"
by JM2000 August 25, 2009
verb-To violently cough while smoking a joint or using a bong.
Hey Dude,if you keeping jaking on us we'll going to skip ya next time!
by Window December 27, 2007
verb - when one tells another something they don't want to hear because the content is either far too long and/or uninteresting. can often involve explicit sexual content or falsities.
A: and then I took her into the shower to...
B: dude! stop Jaking me! I don't want to hear this.
by sergeant sporkzilla June 28, 2011
The act of shaving another man's ass, possibly while they are drunk. Somewhat homoerotic.
So-and-so is famous for jaking people.
by KMils January 05, 2009
to cough will smoking a joint pipe or any tobaco related item
jake takes a lug
he coughs loudly
this is jaking the joint
by jake0103 June 13, 2008
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