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Sometimes the name of people generally fun to be around, but often times are considered to be Piles. That is people that constantly flake on their friends for something else.
I have a lot of fun with Jake, Except he has been a real pile these past few weeks.
by Billyjoecrack September 28, 2011
5 20
Someone who thinks its fun to name other people.
That guy over there is such a jake.
by Mr.Friager June 28, 2009
43 58
Low down good for nothing whore. Will lie to anyone, anytime. He will pretend to be a good guy, but don't be fooled.
Did you meet jake yesterday?

Yeah I'm avoiding him!
by avoidhimatallcosts September 16, 2010
82 99
A guy who rapes a girl
Dude did you Jake her?
by Dandylionfag July 01, 2012
3 21
Probably the gayest kid. You'll ever meet. Likes big cocks. And men. Sweaty men.
Oh my god. Here comes Jake. He's probably looking at my penis.
by youknowitsjustme January 04, 2012
7 25
1. (v., inf) (To Jake Up) Jake - To destroy; to dishevel; to misconstrue; to be unaware and not understand an assignment 2. to undeliberately, yet completely mess something up that needs work. 3. To pretend that someone else's work is your own, and interperet that work as such, without really having done anything yourself.
John: Oh man, I can't believe that Jeff did that. He pretended that the problem was fixed, and that he did all the work on it.

James: Really? Did he actually fix the problem, though?

John: No, he just stole my idea and jaked it up further.

James: Then go Jake up his ride.
by Xandir Wifflebottom Cruise July 22, 2008
62 80
A super uncool person that could never be as cool as AnnaBeth.
Hes such a jake, but at least he isn't a braydon.
by HelloKitty2323 June 10, 2011
5 24