A Jake is someone who will drive you crazy by playing hard to get. Once you get to know him at first, he's the sweetest guy that gives you butterflies. Later on though, he becomes bossy and makes you mad. He tries to make you jealous.
"Hey do you still talk to Jake?"

"No, he's turned into a jerk lately. "
by O'Bryan July 26, 2012
A high pedo bear, he is also quite tired looking ALL THE TIME. He enjoys the simple things in life like sex.
jake was walking in the forest blazing it up and he saw a girl(about 11)...we wont go there...sex
by cocksnstuff December 31, 2010
has sort attention span but can be nice, shows no tolerance to gingers
Dont turn into a jake!
by huskergod December 12, 2010
This guy used to have tons of girls who liked him, but now spends his life a complete loner in his room playing video games. Heis bipolar about girls. He doesnt have the guts to ask them out and then dumps them through someone else. He is always changing his mind about who he likes. He will grow up to be a man whore and still live with his parents, playing sims on origin.
Jake: I like felisha.
Jake: felisha is such a garden tool.
by The real effing truth November 10, 2014
jakes an asshole who breaks peoples hearts. he may be sweet, but he will break you into a million pieces. stay away from them.
Jake just broke up with me in such an asshole way.
by beeflover1234566 June 24, 2014
someone with a very small penis, but will claim they have a large one not by bragging about it but by being in denial and blushing and avoiding eye contact and being shy
jake because you are jake so you have a small one
by miss.correctmeifimwrong July 16, 2011
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