Douches that wear sweatpants everyday. He thinks he's the shit but really he's just a shit. He cant get over you, never thinks he does anything wrong. He loves to brag even when you tell him not to tell anyone. Beware he pretends to care but really just wants to get in your pants.
Watch out he's a totally jake
by This-is-you-bestfriend October 23, 2010
One who is into beastiality, referberly dolphins
bella: what was your favorite sexual experience
Jake: oh man those dolphins man they know how to satisfy jake
by 090860 April 20, 2011
Old fashioned slang for toilets, WC, The Place... that is, where you do your excretory business
Oh my, my bladder will burst... must go to the jakes...
by Sylvain September 26, 2004
It used to be "just kidding." Instant messaging shortened it to "JK." Two syllables is still much too long, so it has become "jakes." Sort of the new "not!" Say it when you're, well, "just kidding."
I hate you so much. Jakes, jakes.
by melodious December 19, 2006
Jake is usually tall. Enjoys playing guitar has red hair or brown hair. Blue eyes. Very smart although he doesnt show it. Very emotional once you get to know him. All around great and funny guy if you can get past that he is a bit of a bitch. Has a tiny penis.
OMG that guy over there is such a Jake!
by RAWRIMAKITTY March 11, 2011
an annoying italian who thinks hes the shit and makes fun of canadians
everyone hates jake
by canadian128975 January 02, 2011
A somewhat rare post-withdrawal nervous twitch seen in recovered heroin addicts, usually as a twitch of the head.
He was moving his head around so much I thought he had the jakes.
by Dennis October 10, 2003

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