Someone who thinks its fun to name other people.
That guy over there is such a jake.
by Mr.Friager June 28, 2009
Probably the gayest kid. You'll ever meet. Likes big cocks. And men. Sweaty men.
Oh my god. Here comes Jake. He's probably looking at my penis.
by youknowitsjustme January 04, 2012
The biggest faggot, douche bag you will ever meet. Drinks cum like no tomorrow. He will touch your dick. He wants to give you a blow job.
Girl-Jake? What a queer!
Boy-He likes my penis.
Boy 2-He tryed to stick it in me!
Girl 2-He told me he likes men.
by Ariespoo1 May 29, 2011
A guy who rapes a girl
Dude did you Jake her?
by Dandylionfag July 01, 2012
Low down good for nothing whore. Will lie to anyone, anytime. He will pretend to be a good guy, but don't be fooled.
Did you meet jake yesterday?

Yeah I'm avoiding him!
by avoidhimatallcosts September 16, 2010
A super uncool person that could never be as cool as AnnaBeth.
Hes such a jake, but at least he isn't a braydon.
by HelloKitty2323 June 10, 2011
the name of a guy who got too much of his penis cut off during circumsision.
wow, your penis is small, is your name jake?
by johnny cutoff February 04, 2010

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